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Logitech BLOK Protective Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2, Red/Violet

BLOK Protective Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 provides drop protection from as high as 6 ft. onto concrete.  BLOK iPad case is made of an absorbent polymer structure that supports iPad upon impact and BLOK’s square corners are packed with extra polymers to give iPad more protection where it needs it most, the corners.  BLOK iPad keyboard case is the all in one iPad case, with a wireless detachable keyboard, any angle stand and cover, it has all the versatility that you need in an iPad case

Product Features

  • Drop protection keyboard case: Protects iPad Air 2 from drops up to six feet, even on concrete
  • More corner protection: Unique shock-absorbing square corners give iPad more protection where it needs it most
  • Detachable wireless keyboard cover: Type anywhere with the magnetic Bluetooth keyboard. Use it attached to the case or detached.
  • Great typing: Familiar keyboard layout with iOS shortcuts makes your iPad feel like you’re typing on a laptop
  • iPad auto wake/sleep: Makes sure your iPad is always ready when you are. Compatibility: For iPad Air 2

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3 Responses to Logitech BLOK Protective Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2, Red/Violet

  1. Timster says:

    The keyboard works great and incredibly easy to type on Increases the size of your iPad significantly. But, I wouldn’t change a thing! I had a Surface Pro 3 and the stand on the back of this case works just as well. The keyboard works great and incredibly easy to type on. I love how I don’t have to charge the keyboard and that it uses a small battery that you can replace when it gets low. Over a month of use and accidentally leaving the keyboard on a half dozen times; battery is 99%! I feel like I can take my iPad ANYWHERE now and it won’t be…

  2. Jay RS says:

    100% Satisfied This is my first iPad – so I wanted to make sure I was properly protecting my investment. I wanted a keyboard case where the keyboard was also removable, and I wanted heavy duty protection for the iPad itself. This product delivers on all levels and I am VERY pleased with it. I’ve been using it for about a month or so and I am so glad that out of the several I looked at, I chose this one.Now, a few comments. I read a LOT of the reviews (good and bad), so I knew what I was in for in…

  3. s.a. says:

    Good with few (but’s) This is a good product, some say the cover wouldnt fit and others say that ballistic glass was damaged by putting the cover on, secret is – first install the cover and then put ballistic glass. One thing that I found weird is that this uses non-rechargeable battery – a pancake battery instead. Make sure to check S/N – the one I got was covered by a sharpie – (purchased from No1 Distributors – fulfilled by Amazon) – thanks to Amazon’s return policy, this thing is going back – pronto. Pricing is…

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