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Rainco Stylus Pen, Active Fine Point Stylus Pen for Smartphone iPhone iPad Pro or IOS Tablet – Black

Touch Pen Independence is one series smart pen, which is used on almost all of cap touch devices, e.g. smart phone and pad. Anyone can use this pen to write and draw naturally.

This Stylus pen is available for most IOS or Android touch-screen devices, like iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro or Samsung, Huawei, Asus tablets etc. If you have question about the compatibility, please contact us before placing the order.

Length: 180.5mm measured from tip to cap
Width: 9.5mm
Using Time:About 6 hours

How to Use
Power Up: Press Start Button for 1 second, Capacitive Stylus will be started after the blue LED light flashed.
Power Down: Press Start Button for 1 second again, Capacitive Stylus will be turned off after red LED light flashed for 3 times or leave Capacitive Stylus without using for 2 minutes, it will shut down automatically.

What’s in the package:
1 x Rainco Stylus Pen
1 x Micro USB adapter
1 x User manual

Product Features

  • SMOOTH & SENSITIVE: Highly Accurate tip makes you feel like writing on your electronic devices with real pen. Ultra sensitivity will give you what you write or draw on your device immediately. Repairing NOT requested
  • RECHARGEABLE STYLUS: This stylus pen has built-in battery which is able to use it with your devices to couples hours. You can also charge the pen with your laptop, power bank or wall charger
  • METALLIC FEEL: The material on the surface of the pen is similar to metal. When you hold the pen, it feels snuggy and comfortable. Makes you write or draw in more fluent way
  • TOP ACCURACY: 2mm thin fiber Tips on the pen gives you the most accurate touch each you use the pen on your tablets or cellphone. It will exactly follow your order of each touch
  • CAUTION: This stylus pen DOESN’T have Bluetooth or Palm-Rejection function. It’s not compatible with Lenovo devices. Please press the power button on top of the pen before using

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3 Responses to Rainco Stylus Pen, Active Fine Point Stylus Pen for Smartphone iPhone iPad Pro or IOS Tablet – Black

  1. Chassy says:

    Great for various touch screen devices…… I purchased this stylus pen for my tablet and iPad. I love to draw on paper, my tablet or iPad. I needed a pen that would let me draw using the apps I have for my tablet and iPad. I thought that this rechargeable pen would work great. You can turn it on to be able to draw or write, But once its off your not able to use it. The pen is very lightweight and your able to take it anywhere with no hassle. The pen can be used for your cell phone, computer,…

  2. JDThird says:

    Doesn’t seem to support any palm rejection like the Apple pencil does I guess this is what I get for trying to save a buck and going with something cheaper rather than the Apple stylus.I’m not an artist by any means, but I enjoy terrorizing my artist friends by doing doodles on my tablet PC, and was going to try to do it on my new iPad Pro.This works basically as a finger, but when I played with things at the Apple store, using the iPad pro and the Apple pencil, palm rejection worked fine, and I could put the edge of my hand on the glass…

  3. Falafel says:

    Good, not perfect. Depends on the project. Overall, this is a nice stylus pen at an affordable price point. I originally purchased this to play around with on my iPad mini. It was adequate for infrequent use, and convenient to have handy when sketching something really basic. I’m going to have to get an Apple Pencil however, for my iPad Pro. While this does work with it, I’m now finding myself getting into more detailed illustration. My reason for not using this long term is interference from my hand— I cannot rest my palm or any part…

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