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Siri Shortcuts now work on the HomePod and Apple Watch

Today, on the heels of their announcement of the September event, Apple released a fourth update to the Shortcuts app that’s currently in beta testing for developers who’ve signed … Continue reading

How to prepare your HomePod for sale

So you’ve had your HomePod long enough, and now you’ve decided its not for you. It’s OK. No one is judging you. Before you put your Siri-supported smart speaker on the market, there are a couple of things you should do to get it ready for sale.

Clean your … Continue reading

How to control video playback on your Apple TV with your HomePod

Every day I’m learning more and more about how HomePod works with Apple TV. It’s not just an AirPlay speaker. You may not be able to ask Siri to start playing a movie for you, but you can ask it to pause, play, skip ahead, and skip back when … Continue reading

HomePod vs. Libratone Zipp: Which should you buy?

Apple’s HomePod is launching February 9. Other than what Apple has told us we’re still in the dark about its capabilities and features. Are you considering buying it? … Continue reading

Which HomePod color should you buy: White or space gray?

Most Apple products have a number of different options to choose from when making your purchasing decision, but not HomePod. Apple’s smart speaker has just two versions: white, and space gray.

Both the white and space gray HomePod are identical in shape and size, with a 6.8-inch high … Continue reading

Should you buy multiple HomePod speakers?

Apple’s new HomePod is the company’s answer to the high-fidelity and smart speaker market. It’s a dedicated speaker that supports Siri for access to Apple Music and HomeKit-enabled devices. It’s one hell of a sound system packed into a 7-inch tall package. It has a specially engineered audio … Continue reading

HomePod: Everything you need to know



Apple’s highly anticipated HomePod is available in just a few weeks. The Wi-Fi connected speaker offers up Siri voice control, HomeKit functionality, and boasts incredible, virtual surround sound. Wanna … Continue reading